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Guru Sri Haramohan Khuntia Tabla Mestro

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Guru Sri. Haramohan Khuntia (Date Month Year), is an Indian musician and one of the most successful and influential entertainers of all time. His unique contributions to Odisi dance and music and dance, along with a highly simple personal life, made him a prominent figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Born on 1943 in Mathakaragola Dhenkanal Dist of Odisa, He got his initial Music training from Father Satyabadi Khuntia who is one of the prominent Pala Singer of Dhankanal. Inspired by the initial training he decided to persue his career in Music and at the age of 11 he went for higher studies from Guru Sri. Khetramohan Kar prominent Tabla player in All India Radio Cuttack. He has received the able guidance from famous Tabla player of Kolkata – Guru Sri Maniklal Mukherjee and Guru Sri Gyanprakash Ghosh. 

Being a Person, Musician, Living Legend, Guru Sri. Haramohan Khuntia has a great contribution to the society. He has done the undone in his own way, yet never asked for any attention for his did. He has made numerous people stand in their life and make mark in the field of music. His composition on Orissi Dance Drama are incomparable. He has popularized the Orissi Music not only in Orissa but also all over the world. He is one of the know personality in Orissi music in National level and is known as one of the Music icons of Orissa In Both National and International level. The people of Orissa are proud to have an icon like Guru Sri. Haramohan Khuntia.

His contribution to the research on Rajdarabari and Conventional Singing Style of Orissi Songs and collection of the original and traditional style of singing has some way keeps the traditional style alive. 

He has not only composed the Traditional Odisi Songs but also has the greatness in adopting the contemporary music which is well accepted and appreciated by thousands of people in Odisa and also in India. He has touched the heart of young generation with his contemporary music which has given Guru Sri Haramohan Khuntia an identity of a musician of all time.

Contribution as a Guru , Guide and Philosopher Guru Sri Haramohan Khuntia has shown path to many followers and led them to their success professionally, as a person and as a musician.I have never seen my Father talking anything negative no matter how diverse the situation might be. He has always been a ideal figure to me even now when i am low i speak to him and get the inspiration and get the energy to go forward. There are many situation when i am in a fix I get the way out with just one minute talk with him.One Most important lesson which i have learnt from him and which gave me the power to growth is " Ignore the issues which are short term and can be avoided and focus on those which are going to give the strength and scope to grow further".

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Guru Sri Haramohan Khuntia . from Sashikant Khuntia on Vimeo.